We all feel like we’ve got our mum back

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"We all feel like we’ve got our mum back"

Amherst Court care home owned and managed by Avante Care & Support based in Chatham, Kent, is rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

Amherst Court has become a hub of activity and engagement with the residents all lead by the forward thinking staff team. Residents are encouraged to thrive as best they can whilst living at Amherst Court and care staff are trained to support them with achieving this.

An example of this is Sylvia, who moved into Amherst Court in April 2019 and her positive change in health and wellbeing has astonished her family.

"Our mum has lived with dementia for several years. Last November, she was living with assistance at home. She was taken ill, went to hospital for treatment, and unfortunately sustained a broken ankle. Her dementia complicated her recovery, and it was difficult to find a place for her to go to after hospital. It was not possible for her to return home. We were told in hospital that mum would never walk unaided again.

Mum often showed signs of fear, and didn’t often leave her bed. We felt that we needed to move mum to a different home. We became aware of Amherst Court, through its good reputation. Mum transferred there in late April."

Ashley Haydon, Home Manager, said "We spent time with Sylvia and her family to understand what was required to help support and encourage Sylvia to become more mobile and involved. When we welcomed Sylvia to Amherst Court we were convinced a fresh approach and environment would help her. The staff have supported Sylvia and within a month she was fully mobile, engaging with others attending the church she used to visit. It is clear Sylvia feels she is contributing again and is thoroughly enjoying being part of a team”.

Sylvia’s family continued, "With encouragement and skilled care, Mum has progressed beyond our expectations. At the end of May, she took her first steps, something we thought we would never see again. Mum has always loved to work, and was so proud when Ashley suggested she help out in reception.

The difference that Amherst Court made is evident in the skill and attention of the care team, they have confidence and skills in approaching the residents and helping them to live a full life every day to the best of their abilities. Mum’s relationships with her carers are close and friendly, and she has friendships with a few fellow residents. Earlier this year, we feared we would be saying goodbye, now we feel like we’ve got our mum back".

If you would like to see what Amherst Court has to offer please call Ashley Haydon on 01634 400 009.

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