Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Response

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Our response to the Coronavirus

We are delighted that the Country is currently coming out of lockdown that the Guidance is gradually changing in relation to Care Homes. Nationally we are definitely taking another step towards life as we knew it before Covid 19 whilst continuing to protect residents from the risk of Covid 19. As always the guidance surrounding care homes may differ to the national guidance. If you have any questions, please phone 0800 206 1442 or visit our contact page to see individual location details.

To this effect from Monday 17 May 2021 the Government has announced that residents will be able to have 5 nominated visitors who can come into the care home (this includes essential care givers). However only 2 visitors plus the essential care giver will be able to attend at any one time on any given day.

Visitor Guidance

Family visits

Each visitor will be required to have their temperature taken and undertake an LFD test and receive a negative result before entering the home as well as wearing PPE including a mask, apron and gloves during the visit. Unfortunately hugging is discouraged for nominated visitors.

We ask that during any visits social distance is maintained within anyone who is not the nominated visitor or essential care giver and any external crowded places are avoided.


Any children visiting (with the exception of babies and preschool children) are counted towards the maximum number allowed for a visit. Where reasonable and practical any children visiting should wear the same PPE as adult visitors although it is not recommended that children under the age of three wear face coverings. Having a Vaccination is not a condition of visiting but we strongly recommended all who visit to have the vaccine when they are able to.


Residents undertaking visits out of the care home are welcomed and for those requiring to be accompanied this can be with either a member of care home staff or up to two of their nominated visitors and any essential care giver. Residents and those accompanying them must have an LFD test on the same day prior to the visit taking place and receive a negative result. If a positive result where to be received then the visit would not be able to go ahead.

Moving forward

As we move forward if we were to experience an outbreak of Covid 19, which is currently defined as two or more residents or staff testing positive, we will be required to suspend all external and internal visits for a period of 14 days from the last positive test which has reduced from 28 days. However if a Covid 19 Variant of Concern is confirmed then all visiting must stop for 28 days.

We will continue to operate a booking system to facilitate all visits inside and outside the care home as we need to ensure we are able to facilitate the LFD testing required and manage the total number of visitors on any given day.

We understand how important it is for visits for both relatives and residents and like you want to ensure we do this in as safe a way as possible. Thank you for working with us to ensure this guidance is adhered to. We will update you again as we receive any further Government updates.

Thank you for your continued support and please contact us if you have any questions