New cook book to help those with dementia

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New cook book to help those with dementia

Alt TextA new recipe book has been launched to help ensure those living with dementia get the nutrition they need.

Aimed at the Care Home sector, the book was the brainchild of Sophie Murray, head of nutrition and hydration at Avante Care and Support, which runs 14 care homes for those with dementia in the South East of England.

Working with development chef Preston Walker, and a dietician, Sophie provided the relevant nutritional information to help create a range of nutritious and delicious recipes that can be used by chefs and cooks in care homes. The book is endorsed by the National Association of Care Caterers, which aims to promote and enrich the standard of catering within the care sector.

Sophie Murray, Head of Nutrition and Hydration at Avante Care and Support, said, “Diet plays such an important part in the care of those living with dementia. At Avante, we have long recognised that the condition can often make eating and hydrating a real problem and lead to malnutrition and other health issues. It is, therefore, vital that food is both appealing, appetising and nutritious. This book provides those working in care home kitchens with a range of recipes that allow menus to varied while still maintaing a high level of nutritional value.”

Neel Radia, chair of NACC, said, “This fantastic recipe book and resource has been created to support and inspire caterers in this specific area with a varied repertoire of delicious fortified meals, snacks and drinks that are easy to make and ensure calorie dense meals, whilst always remaining enjoyable to eat.

“By using this recipe book, chefs will have a real helping hand in preparing successful fortified meals, snacks and drinks that taste great, are visually appetising, and meet the many dietary needs of residents.”

The book is on sale at the NACC website here.