Dementia Care at Puddingstone Grange – Plumstead

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Dementia Care at Puddingstone Grange – Plumstead

Dementia Care at Puddingstone Grange

At Puddingstone Grange care home we have a wealth of specialised resources to support individuals who are living with Dementia care. Our qualified, attentive and caring staff focus on the individual needs of the residents, providing person-centred care.

We also encourage community engagement and support with daily activities in the home and with the local community.

Avante’s Philosophy of Care – The Eden Alternative

Staff at Puddingstone Grange ensure that residents experience the best positive outcome. Avante’s Philosophy of Care, the Eden Alternative, is at the core of everything. The negative states of Loneliness, helplessness and boredom are alleviated by competent, understanding staff who have been trained fully in understanding the care required for those with mental health conditions and dementia.

Avante Care & Support

The Environment

The ground floor contains the spacious dementia unit, with a kitchen area for tea and coffee making and cookery sessions for residents who wish to participate. There is a cosy fireside area and access to the well laid out safe garden area.

The nursing and mental health units are on the first floor, providing homely, comfortable accommodation to ensure the best possible outcome for each resident; with the opportunity to visit other units to converse and socialise.


The dining experience at Puddingstone Grange is carefully and fully thought out, with the layout and setting of tables in accordance with each person’s needs and requirements and helpful staff to assist where needed.


There is the opportunity for seamless transfer to each floor and if residents wish to join activities on other units there is the opportunity to do so. The activities team ensures each resident is helped to retain skills and learn new ones, with cooking, gardening and other interests being encouraged. There is a vintage style mobile shop trolley taken round the home on a regular basis for residents to make purchases of treats and small items.