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Caring for our communities and colleagues

A message from Avante Care & Support’s Managing Director, Stuart Cross.

Everyone has been affected by the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, none more so than the older people in our care. I have been in social care for over 20 years, and I can’t think of a time when residents, service users, families, suppliers, and staff have needed to support each other more. Thank you for the role you are playing in this.

During these uncertain times our dedicated frontline care staff across Kent, Bexley, and Greenwich continue to deliver care to those who are uniquely vulnerable. I am truly proud of all of our care staff and how they have selflessly pulled together as teams to protect the people we care for and support. And how they and continue to do that day after day.

I am in regular contact with staff at every care home or home care branch and it is clear they are all doing everything to manage this situation as safely and effectively as they can. For example, I have spoken to colleagues in our services who have canceled holidays, worked very long hours, covered shortages on shifts, and in countless other ways gone above and beyond their normal roles to ensure our residents and service users are cared for and protected.

What comes across very clearly is the absolute dedication they have to those in our care. I’ve expressed my heartfelt thanks and admiration to our staff for what they are doing to keep our homes and services running during this extraordinary crisis. None of us could have imagined a situation like this when we came into social care, and the way everyone has stepped up to the challenge has been truly amazing.

I also want to thank all our suppliers and partners who are supporting us during this time. I know this is an extremely challenging time right now and my whole-hearted thanks go out to you for helping us to keep our homes and services operating.

Thanks once again.

Stuart Cross, Managing Director Avante Care & Support

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