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The health, wellbeing and safety of residents, service users and staff continue to be our main priority during the COVID-19 pandemic and we have in place, robust and comprehensive plans, measures and support to respond to the virus.

We know that during this time people are still looking for care. We are continuing to offer Home Care and Wellbeing  Support to new clients and can respond to a wide range of needs.  Please call our Home Care and Wellbeing Support team if you are looking for care or need any further help. We will guarantee an assessment of your needs; taking the time to listen to what is important to you or your loved one and taking account of any existing information or previous assessment you may have had.
All of our Home Care and Wellbeing Support care staff are supplied with PPE in line with government guidance.  Staff follow strict hygiene and infection control practices and work with families to risk assess each care package before the care service begins.
A brochure for the Home Care and Wellbeing Support  is available to download on our website or can be emailed to you upon request.
We recognise this is an uncertain and worrying time but want to assure you that when we are caring for new service users from the community, we are doing so safely. We have clear policies in place to ensure that screening or testing is undertaken prior to any new clients we provide Home care and wellbeing support to.
Staff are fully conversant and vigilant to the symptoms of COVID-19, and all staff are trained in good hygiene practices and infection control procedures.
Our Customer Support Officer Frances, is here to help you and answer any questions you may have, she can be contacted on 07784 227052 or emailed Flake@avantecare.org.uk Alternatively you can call the Home Care Team.    
Whether you choose to use our care services or not we are here to support and guide you through finding the right care for your loved one during these uncertain times.

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Avante Home Care and Support provides Home Care and Wellbeing Support into peoples’ homes across Kent and the London Borough of Bexley.

Avante Care & Support, is a registered charity and has two branches of Home Care, one in Bexley covering the whole of the London Borough of Bexley and one in Kent providing services in Sittingbourne, Sheerness and Faversham.

Our compassionate and fully trained staff provide services which are tailored around your needs, whether you require support with everyday tasks that have become more difficult, need help due to mobility or health related issues, or are returning home from hospital.

Our Home Care and Support service provides care to privately funded, Local Authority and NHS continuing health care service users. We deliver high quality care and support in the home, to clients with a range of needs, including long-term complex care. We work in partnership with healthcare professionals to promote holistic, personalised care and support.


"Our carer is a huge positive part of our lives, she ensures Dad is washed and dressed daily in clean clothes.

She makes his breakfast and lunch and always has a few minutes to sit with Dad whilst he drinks a cuppa and has a chat. It’s about knowing Dad is well cared for. She is efficient and kind and warm and she and my Dad are always laughing together. He feels safe and secure. Dad’s carer is important to us and it isn't just that she does her job exceedingly well, it’s the additional small things that make such a difference and are so appreciated."

Wellbeing Support

Making it easier for residents to have choice and control in their journey of care

There is evidence to support that where people have choice and control in managing their health, and where they can avoid leaving their communities to have care and treatment, they have happier lives and live longer.

Avante Home Care and Support firmly believes in providing communities where everyone has a vibrant and fulfilling life. The Home Carers deliver care and support to people living at home supporting them with maintaining independence, providing care and helping to improve wellbeing allowing people to do more of what matters and keep them connected with others within their communities.

"When Arthur and I talked through the opportunity of attending the Royal Garden Party it evoked memories with Arthur which he was keen to share with me and share his experiences.

We spent a long time that afternoon chatting about the old times and he was delighted he had the opportunity to attend the Royal Garden Party. Arthur’s highlights were having his photo taken with celebrities and the food. He said he will never forget the day and to me that’s what it’s all about."


Whether you need support to live in your own home, or assistance in your daily life, we are here for you, 365 days a year. Every care and support package we provide is unique, which is why we ensure our highly skilled care workers are trained to meet your individual needs.


"I have three young children, I work full time and I’m also a carer for my Mum.

As her care needs have become greater I’ve realised I can’t do it all. Avante have lifted the load from me, I now have a better balance as a daughter to Mum and not just a carer.  The care and support provided means Mum can go out for the day, or have other company at home allowing me some extra time to spend with my family."

Wellbeing, both physical and mental, is a key focus for our carers, working with the individual to develop  their interests and hobbies in turn will improve their wellbeing.

"It’s been hard not living nearer to Mum and Dad

Since Dad’s accident it really knocked his confidence. Avante has not only helped his rehabilitation but also supported him to be a husband again. With this help I have peace of mind knowing his wellbeing is at the heart of everything they do. He now goes out at least once a week with mum and their fantastic staff, and this week Mum and Dad went to the cinema together!"


Our help and support includes

Personal care - A lack of mobility or ill health can be an obstacle for people when it comes to their personal health and hygiene. Our care workers provide essential support from getting dressed to going to the bathroom.

Household help and shopping - The demands of running a home can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether it’s doing the dishes, the laundry or just getting dinner on the table, our care workers can be there to help.

Medication assistance - Our home care and support team help with medication, from offering simple reminders through to medication administration.

Help with rehabilitation - We can help with everything that’s needed after surgery or treatment for an illness. Our experienced care workers will assist with rehabilitation and offer expert care during the recovery period.

Community engagement - We help people to engage within their communities, improving their health and wellbeing, whether it’s through social gatherings or even visits to local events.

Bathing assistance - We can help with everything that’s needed for a safe bath experience.

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Understanding the type of care you need is an important first step.

Searching for a home care service is not something any of us do every day. Often it can be quite stressful for all involved. We are here to provide guidance, whether our home care service is right for you or not. With this in mind we have plenty of useful information you can access to help you with making the right choice.

We have an open door policy across both of our offices and you are welcome to visit at any time. Our staff are there to assist with any questions you may have.

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