What is domiciliary care?

In your search to find suitable care and support options for a loved one living with dementia, you will have undoubtedly come across the term ‘domiciliary care’. But what exactly does this mean and what does it entail? And, more importantly, is this a suitable option for your loved one?

At Avante Care & Support, we are committed to helping those living with dementia get the most from life and provide a positive impact to those in our care, which is why we’re pleased to be able to provide you with all you need to know about domiciliary care.

What is it?

Put simply, domiciliary care is professional care that is provided in an individual’s home. This encompasses a range of services designed to help around the individual’s home, support in maintaining their independence, and help ensure a quality of life that is comfortable and familiar.

The level of care can vary from person to person, with some requiring help for simple tasks such as shopping and domestic chores, while others may require personal care, help managing medication, or even overnight support. In some instances, a live-in carer may even be necessary for 24-hour care.

The benefits of domiciliary care are substantial for those living with dementia. Familiarity and a safe environment are essential to the wellbeing of those with dementia, particularly as the condition worsens and the ability to carry out simple tasks becomes more challenging. What’s more, there’s the companionship that comes from domiciliary care, with the engagement and relationship with another making life far more rewarding for those living with dementia.

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Is domiciliary care right for us?

Determining the suitability of domiciliary care requires careful consideration, as care requirements vary from person to person. As such, you should take the time to assess the needs of those living with dementia, identifying what level of care is required to help get the most from life.

Should they be at a stage in life where they wish to retain independence and have the full means and capability to do so, but may require assistance with certain tasks such as food preparation or support following additional illness, then domiciliary care is the perfect option. In fact, the flexibility it provides – alongside the more affordable costs – makes it the ideal solution.

Does Avante Care & Support offer domiciliary care?

At Avante Care & Support, we aim to help provide a tailored service to suit the needs of everyone living with dementia. In addition to the high-quality care homes we provide, our Homecare service enables our professionals to visit homes to provide all the support necessary to enrich people’s lives. Whether it’s help with shopping or personal care, night-care support or even companionship to appointments and on outings, our carers provide a level of service that will help you retain independence and tackle the challenges of living with dementia.

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