Thank you Riverdale Court Care Home

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Thank you Riverdale Court Care Home

The Care Quality Commission recently rated Riverdale Court as ‘Outstanding’ in well-led and the family of one resident from Riverdale Court who have experienced the home’s outstanding leadership wanted to share what a care home can offer and the support they have received.

"We were keen to make Mums room as lovely as possible just like home when she moved in but in truth she never appears to be in it!

‘The last three years have been very hard for my husband and I, caring for his mum with very little support. We haven’t ever turned our phones off during this time, not been away on holiday and not had a day off. We did everything for mum from GP appointments to food shopping, paying bills, cleaning and entertainment. 

Although we were not sure how she would respond to a care environment we felt it would be the safest place for her. We need not have worried as from the day she arrived at Riverdale Court she has been thanking us for finding the home and telling us how much she loves it. We were keen to make her room at as lovely as possible when she moved in but in truth she never appears to be in it! 

Since moving in mid-February we have been shocked at the difference it has made to her emotional wellbeing. Gone is the woman who was always asleep on her bed throughout the day or phoning us at midnight saying she wanted to go out because she was bored. 

Being surrounded by people constantly and the nonstop activity has really bought mum back to life. The home’s Facebook page means that we know what she has been up to and it always involves smiles and laughter. It also means that those family members who live far away can be more actively involved in her life. 

Not only have the staff at Riverdale Court given back mum her quality of life but because we know she is safe and cared for we can now enjoy visits just being with mum rather than trying to deal with the mundane day to day tasks. We have even had our first week away!

We looked at a number of homes both for mum and for friends with loved ones in similar positions and none of them felt as homely and welcoming as Riverdale Court. Thank you to all of the staff who have made this transition so easy and successful".

For more information on Riverdale Court or to arrange a viewing please call Nicolas, Home Manager on 0208 3179067 or visit the Riverdale Court care home page here.