5 Great Care Home Activities

Heading into a care home can be a daunting experience. Not only will those living with dementia be leaving what they’ve called home for many years, but they will be entering an environment that may seem unfamiliar and scary. As such, it’s important for the care home to provide a gentle, warm and friendly welcome, as well as an environment that promotes inclusivity and plenty of opportunities for your loved one to engage with others.

At Avante Care & Support, we operate some of the very best care homes across Kent and selected boroughs of London, helping those living with dementia get the most from life and enjoying their time in a caring and convivial environment. We are also able to provide carers and loved ones with advice and support, which is why we’re pleased to detail five activities that can be conducted in care homes to help engage with those living with dementia.


Music is a fantastic means of engaging with other people, whether it’s through listening, singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument. Music will be able to stir emotions and trigger positive reactions, as well as help those living with dementia to communicate in ways other than verbal. Music also helps release endorphins which helps provide a feel-good emotion.


Creating a scrapbook of key life events, people and places will help those living with dementia be able to recall happier times, particularly once memory loss becomes more prevalent. These scrapbooks can be put together as a group or on a one-to-one basis, providing ample opportunity to reminisce.


Exercise is of the utmost importance when living with dementia and any serious condition. Within most care homes, there will be gardens and grounds that can be used for outdoor activity, while you can also accompany your loved one on a walk or day trip. Getting fresh air and vitamin D will undoubtedly boost mood and help improve overall health.


Did you know that visiting with a pet can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression among those living with dementia? If you have a family dog, why not visit your loved one regularly with it, taking walks for exercise and fresh air, and providing added companionship?


Playing simple games such as cards, backgammon, draughts, etc. is a great way to engage with those living with dementia. In fact, it can also help stimulate brain activity and help release feel-good endorphins, while helping develop relationships with others around you.

Here at Avante Care & Support, we actively encourage families and visitors to engage in as varied a selection of activities as possible. We understand the importance the role these play in helping those living with dementia enjoy a fulfilling stay at one of our care homes. If you’d like to learn more about our selection of residential properties and the activities we provide, get in touch with a member of the team today.

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