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Paying for care

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How much will I have to pay for care?

In the UK, social care is rarely free. Most people will have to contribute towards the cost, and how much you pay will depend on the level of need and the amount of assets you have.

The first step towards obtaining care is getting an assessment of needs from your local council. They will then conduct a financial means test, during which they look at your income, savings – and if you’re going into a care home, your property – to determine how much you will need to contribute towards the cost of care.

The amount you will pay for care depends on the type of care being received (i.e. residential care or care at home) and what the total cost of that care will be. The means test is then used to calculate how much you can contribute. You will be expected to pay towards the cost from your income, but a Personal Expenses Allowance (PEA) must be leftover.

Those going into residential care must have at least £25.65 per week, while those receiving care at home, and who are single and above Pension Credit qualifying age, must be left with an income of £189 per week.

For more information about the cost of home and residential care provided by Avante Care & Support, contact our team today.

HS funding and financial support

Some individuals with primarily health-based needs can receive NHS funding for residential care under NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC). Eligible individuals will receive a care home placement for free; others who do not meet the criteria but who require nursing care can obtain NHS funding that is paid directly to the residential home.

Those receiving home care can claim the following benefits, which aren’t means tested:

  • Attendance Allowance – for those over State Pension age who need to stay independent at home
  • Personal Independence Payment – for those who are under State Pension age but have an illness or disability

To find out more about the cost of care provided by Avante Care & Support, and to chat to a member of our team about your needs, contact us today.