Dementia Care at Weybourne – Abbey Wood

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Dementia Care at Weybourne – Abbey Wood

Dementia Care at Weybourne

Staff at Weybourne care home are kind, considerate and trained to be fully person centred; residents are listened to about their likes, dislikes, preferences and personal interests and their previous lifestyles are taken into consideration when their plan of care is arranged, which is reviewed each month.

Avante’s Philosophy of Care – The Eden Alternative

Avante’s Philosophy of Care; The Eden Alternative is at the core of everything; ensuring staff are aware that the negative states of loneliness, helplessness and boredom, which have an effect on wellbeing, are alleviated by companionship, giving a sense of self-worth and continued interests.

Dementia Environment

Weybourne has a central enclosed courtyard which provides a safe environment for gentle exercise and interest, with a pagoda and raised beds. There is also an external boarded area with outside furniture in the summer overlooking the lawn. The home has several pleasant sitting rooms and spacious dining areas. Residents have the opportunity to walk around the home, with points of interest in order to guide them and staff are always on hand to provide assistance. Residents are assisted to visit local shops and points of interest when restrictions allow.

Avante Care & Support


Dining areas are welcoming, laid out in a café style, with separate smaller tables to give a family feel with staff to offer help and encourage a pleasant eating experience which is so important to sustain health and wellbeing.


Internal activities have been ongoing by dedicated staff during the closed periods to help the residents cope with absence of visits from family. Activities are ongoing, with a dedicated activities room where chosen group occupations and craft sessions are held. Planned entertainment has also resumed and staff provide one to one companionship during the course of the residents’ daily lives.