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Nutrition & Hydration

The eating habits of people with dementia can have a direct effect on their health and the progression of the condition. 

It is very important that people living with dementia maintain a good nutritional intake as well as adequate fluids. Being fully hydrated helps many avoid or, at least lessen, some of the symptoms such as agitation, confusion and restlessness that can strike during the early evening hours.

Avante Care & Support understands how important diet is for a person’s wellbeing. We take a special interest in nutrition and the impact on both mental and physical health. We regularly review the food we serve and how this is presented. All of our food is fresh and home cooked and our aim is to provide pleasurable meal times where people may eat and socialise together.

“Dad’s appetite has always been a worry for me, but since he’s moved into the home we have seen a remarkable difference in his enthusiasm for meals. There is such a variety on offer there is something for everyone and Dad’s appetite has increased a great deal.”

Family member