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Residents, family members and friends praise our care homes in national survey

Residents at Court Regis and Puddingstone Grange care home are celebrating after they performed strongly in a nationwide survey of care home residents and their family and friends. 

The results, launched 25th March 2019, show Puddingstone Grange home was given an Overall Performance Rating (OPR) score of 937 out of 1,000 by residents, which is excellent in comparison to the national averages of 882 for residents, and last year’s score of 897. The home also achieved a score of 900 by their family members and friends, exceeding the national average of 842 and an improvement on last year’s family and friends score of 884.

Now in its seventh year, the Your Care Rating survey is the country’s largest and most authoritative survey of care home residents and now of their families and friends as well. The nationwide survey gives residents and their families and friends a voice, putting their care at the heart of understanding more about how well care homes perform. 11,188 residents in 532 care homes across the UK responded to the Residents’ survey, which achieved a 42 per cent response rate. Meanwhile, 6,956 relatives and friends of residents living at 525 homes responded to the Family and Friends’ survey.

Each care home achieved an Overall Performance Rating and four statistically derived ‘theme’ scores (‘Staff and Care’, ‘Home Comforts’, ‘Choice and Having a Say’, and ‘Quality of Life’) based on residents’ responses to all questions in the survey. Care homes participating in the Family and Friends’ survey achieved a separate Overall Performance Rating and four theme scores (mirroring those of the Residents’ survey).

Puddingstone Grange achieved scores of 951 for staff and care and 932 for choice and having a say, meaning the residents of Puddingstone Grange highly rate the standard of care they receive for staff and care and choice and having a say. Their families and friends rated the standard of care for staff and care with a score of 913.

Allison Purkiss at Puddingstone Grange, said: “It’s great that not just our residents, but their families and friends value the care they receive at Puddingstone Grange.  Our scores across the four themes  are  really  positive,  which  shows  how our service helps  life for  our  residents  to be happy  and  fulfilling  and  it is recognised by their loved ones. While we’re really pleased with our scores, we obviously want to get even better and the survey helps us do that by giving us direct resident, family and friends feedback. Families can also see at a glance which care homes are committed to raising standards and being transparent as they take part in the survey. Every care home resident, and their family and friends, should be able to speak up about their care and this is what the Your Care Rating survey does – it gives them a voice.”

Puddingstone Grange is a purpose built care home situated in Plumstead, Royal Borough of Greenwich. Opened in 2012, Puddingstone Grange provides residential, dementia and specialised nursing care, tailored to each person’s individual needs, personality, hobbies and interests. At the heart of their work is Avante Care & Support’s Philosophy of Care, where social interaction and engagement is encouraged to eradicate helplessness, loneliness and boredom.


Court Regis was given an Overall Performance Rating (OPR) score of 976 out of 1,000 by residents, which significantly exceeds the national averages of 882 for residents. The home also achieved a score of 900 by their family members and friends, compared to this year’s national average of 842, and its own score of 857 last year for family and friends.

Court Regis is a residential dementia care home situated in Milton Regis, Sittingbourne.  We work to create a welcoming atmosphere in which residents enjoy activities, go on outings and make friends with other residents and staff. At the heart of our home is our Philosophy of Care, the Eden Alternative, where staff encourage social interaction, engagement and work towards the eradication of loneliness and boredom. 24-hour care and support is provided for people living with dementia, where our team of qualified and attentive staff focus on the individual needs of the residents.


Your Care Rating

The Your Care Rating survey is the UK’s largest and most authoritative survey of care home residents, families and their friends, capturing the views of over 18,000 participants across a total of 20 operators. With input on the survey from leading research company Ipsos MORI, the care home operators taking part, the National Care Forum and Care England, it is also the most authoritative.

Your Care Rating is open to both large and small organisations across the UK. Participating operators have to enter all of their homes, not just cherry-pick the best performing homes. The results are publicly available for everyone to see on This website gives consumers an important tool to use when choosing a care home for a loved one.

The Your Care Rating company has been formed to host and promote the survey, provide an authoritative source of information for prospective residents and family members and to champion continuous quality improvement in care services.

For more information on Your Care Rating contact Laura Sears at Golley Slater PR, tel. 020 3911 0311 or e- mail

• The Your Care Rating Residents’ survey was carried out between early September and late October 2018. A total of 19 care home operators took part in the survey, with responses from 532 care homes and 11,188 residents. The survey is carried out using a paper questionnaire. Each care home is sent copies of the questionnaire and freepost envelopes to be distributed to residents. Further details on the survey process are available through the Your Care Rating website (  This  is  the  total  number  of  participants  eligible  for  this  calculation excluding homes removed following validation. Base sizes for individual attributes vary.

• The Your Care Rating Family and Friends’ survey covers the relatives and friends of those living in care homes. The survey was conducted between October 2018 and December 2018. A total of 15 providers took part in the survey, with responses from 525 care homes and 6,956 family members and friends of residents. The Family and Friends’ survey uses a postal questionnaire and online survey approach. The paper questionnaire and/or online survey link are posted out to participants’ home addresses using information provided by participating care homes.

• Results for this care home are based on 20 responses from residents and 18 responses from family members and friends.

• OPR and Theme scores are shown out of a possible total score of 1,000. Further details of how OPR and Theme scores are calculated are available via the Your Care Rating website (

• Percentage scores are shown out of 100%.

• Combined percentage “agree” figures are based on the combined percentage of respondents saying they ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’ agree.

• Data is unweighted


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