A Walk in the Park

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A Walk in the Park

“Rodney, one of our new residents came to live at Amherst Court just two weeks ago. Being a very active man all his life, he loves walking & cycling. So, myself and the other Activities Co-ordinator, Rie asked him if he would come out for a walk in the park with Sam, the homes pet dog. Sam, ready with his ball & treats set off walking with Rodney to the park nearby. Rodney is quite the gentleman, insisting the ladies walk on the inside away from the road. He also checked the road was clear before we crossed over to the park.

A young man playing ball with his dog stopped & chatted to us & gave Rodney his plastic tool that he used to scoop up the ball & throw for his dog. Rodney had a go, with both dogs running for the ball, but Sam being a gentle dog let the other retrieve it every time. When Rodney was picking up the conkers he told us about when he was a young boy with his brothers, and how they used to climb all the trees. The swing park area was empty, so Rodney pushed Rie on the swing, laughing appearing to have great fun. During the walk home he asked how often we were going to do this, did we only do it when the the sun was out, so we said we would try to make this a regular walk “as long as it wasn’t raining”.

At the end of the day Rodney thanked us, saying he enjoyed our company at the park. He said “I am 74 and hope I live to 75 and go out some more.” The following day, our kitchen needed a few items from Bookers, and Rodney offered to help. He even made a friend with one of the staff there and they shook hands when we left.”

Patricia Allen, Activities Coordinator.

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