A Trip Down Memory Lane

AvantecareCare & Support

A local resident from Amherst Court care home in Chatham, part of Avante Care and Support, was able to have a trip down memory lane by travelling with a carer to London, visiting all the places where she grew up and then went on to enjoy a concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Avante Care and Support who deliver a wealth of support services for elderly people living with dementia, believe in the principles of an ordinary life, which include regular contact with others in the community and enjoying experiences that bring their memories to life.

Betty started her big adventure by boarding a train to London; something she hadn’t done for a long time.  With plenty of time before the show began, Betty and Dawn Christopher, an Activities Co-ordinator had a long leisurely walk around Hyde Park, taking in the sights and chatting about Betty’s happy childhood memories.

Dawn said;

Betty was raised in Chelsea and told me her father used to regularly take her to Hyde Park as a child, Betty had so many lovely stories to share.”

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the Royal Albert Hall, where a very talented Junior Classical Musician, Nina Del Ser gave a stirring musical performance which Betty seemed drawn into.  Betty moved her hands as though to conduct the music, played a virtual piano on the table top and smiled and nodded her head in time to the music.  Afterwards we congregated in the hallway, where the young Musician came out and greeted her well wishers.  Betty praised Nina and her talent and was thanked with a hug and an autograph.”

Betty then went on a tour of the Royal Albert Hall and saw the Royal waiting area, where she was invited to sit on the Queen’s seat, enjoyed a glimpse of the Royal box and heard the history of the Hall.  A souvenir booklet was bought and Betty said “it was such a wonderful day”.

Dawn added;

During the train ride home, Betty was quite quiet but kept saying she was thinking about the day.”

At the heart of Avante Care and Supports work is its Philosophy of Care, where staff encourage social interaction, engagement and the eradication of boredom.  Interests and hobbies are developed within the care homes and many opportunities to meet and make new friends are provided.  For more information go to http://www.avantepartnership.co.uk/avantecareandsupport/