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Support and companionship with Avante Home Care and Support

Avante Care & Support provides Home Care and Support across Kent and Bexley allowing those living in their own homes the independence they desire whilst receiving care and support.

The Home care and support service provides a range of services which include support with shopping, walking the dog through to personal care and medication assistance. A recent cinema trip with a home carer and client is a perfect example of the support that can be provided at Avante Care & Support.

Vera who uses the home care and support service asked her carer if she could accompany her and her husband to the cinema to see the new Mamma Mia film ‘Here we go again’. The couple are both in their eighties, Vera is in a wheelchair and day trips out together are not as easy as they used to be, they had not visited the cinema since the first Mamma Mia film and that was over 5 years ago!

The call was booked at head office through the normal system but this time instead of the carer supporting Vera at home the call was booked for the carer to collect them both and take them to the cinema at Lockmeadow, Maidstone.

Sue Jarrett, Home Care and Support carer saidI sat across the aisle from Vera to allow them both some space and independence and to let them enjoy the film with each other. They were both in my view in case I was needed but what was important they could enjoy an afternoon out with each other, like they used to. Throughout the whole film they held each other’s hands and tapped their feet to the music. When the film was over the couple were beaming, it was amazing to see such a difference in two people. A simple cinema trip had made such a difference to Vera and her husband. It was evident the companionship between them and a simple day out gave them both the opportunity to appreciate each other again and enjoy each other’s company in a different environment.

Since this trip out Vera has been talking about future day trips including lunch at the local pub!

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