Sometimes it’s the simple things that go a long away

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that go a long away

Annette Kelly, Activities Coordinator at Riverdale Court, Care Home, spends a lot of her time understanding what the interests and hobbies are for the residents at Riverdale Court in Welling. There are a lot of keen gardeners at the care home and many have spoken about their large well-kept gardens and trees they used to have and the time they used to spend pruning and nurturing.

Annette Kelly says – ‘We try to focus on the interests of our residents so that they can continue with these interests at Riverdale Court. We have many day trips out and entertainment in the home but we also like to go back to basics with a spot of gardening and planting, sometimes it’s the simple things that go along way’.

Residents at the home in Welling have since planted, watered and nurtured their own vegetable plots and are now beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Annette Kelly said ‘At the weekend a few residents enjoyed weeding and picking the spring onions that they planted a couple of months ago. Even more so they enjoyed eating them the same day for their tea, you can’t get much fresher than that! The residents are also growing carrots, cabbages, strawberries and tomatoes.

Team members like Annette play a big role in helping residents at Riverdale Court who are living with dementia, live more fulfilling lives.

The same must be said for Adam French, Maintenance Technician at Puddingstone Grange, who has recently transformed parts of the gardens at Puddingstone Grange, Greenwich, around some of the interests and hobbies of the residents at the home. Adam has been hard at work constructing an old style telephone box from scratch, finding replica timber doors and even sourcing the original GPO ‘Red’ paint from e-bay.

Allison Purkiss Home Manager says ‘Adam and other staff members really take the time to understand our resident’s interests and try to recreate them where possible. Some of the ideas that Adam has created are there to stimulate memories such as the old style telephone box and transport signs, Adam has basically created a Transport and memory theme park for our residents to enjoy!’.

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