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Property and development current and future plans at Avante Care & Support

The programme of improvements to our older care homes is well underway. Bridge Haven, Bridge, has a whole new look to its lounge and dining areas that complement the attractive reception and entrance area that we added in 2012. The bedroom corridors have also been redecorated and have improved lighting. The work completed just before Christmas and has created a much more modern and attractive feel for the home.

In February Amherst Court, Chatham, top floor Victory View and Unicorn Suite had painters and decorators in to bring refreshingly light and bright colours to the communal hallway, bedroom doors and seating areas. Residents chose the wall paper for the seating areas and the colours for the bedroom doors.

“It is very impressive, the wallpaper is perfect for the home and the brightly painted bedroom doors are a great improvement’, Mr Walker recently wrote in ‘I am very impressed with the efforts to brighten the upper floor, the areas look absolutely lovely and I like very much!”Family Member, Mrs. S. Wheatley

At Parkview, Bexleyheath we are part way through the improvement works and these should finish by the end of May. The largest piece of work has been the complete remodelling of the entrance and reception area with a reception desk and seating for visitors who will find it much easier to gain access to the home through the new entry phone system. There was quite a lot of disruption involved in creating the new entrance including the temporary relocation of the entrance to the rear, but this was managed well by the home and the contractors, and I’m sure visitors will agree it’s all been worthwhile. Works are also being undertaken to improve the day-care facilities and in particular to create new toilets for use of the day-care clients.

Next up is Court Regis in Sittingbourne. Meetings have been held to look at the specification in some detail, and our consultants are expecting to conclude the tender negotiations with the contractor at the end of March. We hope to start work before the end of April, when the weather will be better for the major part of the job, recovering the roof. This will be a time consuming and expensive process as Court Regis, being largely a single storey building the home has a very large roof area! Again we are looking at how to improve the entrance and reception area to create a more usable and attractive space for visitors to the home.

By July we hope to commence works at Weybourne, Abbey Wood. As part of the works we are completely redesigning the central courtyard garden to create a new garden area with raised beds, plants that display good colour and scent and with seating and pergolas.  Again we are also looking at improvements to reception/entrance area creating better use of space and a whole new look and feel to the frontage.

Last but not least will be works to Pilgrims View, Snodland, in 2017. More discussions will take place this year to ensure the planned works will achieve the best results within the available budget, and the works will be tendered in the Autumn.

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