New Visitor Cabins

AvantecareCare & Support

New Visitor Cabins

Avante Care & Support have arranged for visitor cabins to be built at each of their 10 care homes across Kent, Bexley and Greenwich, so that residents can meet safely with family members despite the coronavirus outbreak.

This means families will be able to keep in contact with loved ones until actual physical contact is possible once again.

Fitted out with comfortable chairs and decorated with pictures, the cabins will support families to visit loved ones in a safe and welcoming environment. The cabins have separate entrances for the resident and visitor.

The cabins are heated, and have a fitted sink with hot and cold water for hand washing, as well as hand sanitiser being provided.

All furniture and the inside of the structure will be thoroughly cleaned after each visit.
Government guidance stipulates there must be a screen between the resident and the visitor and each cabin has a bespoke screen in order for each person to be seen in almost full view, with added communication via speakers to aid hearing.

Riverdale Court was the first home to open its new visitor cabin and you can see exactly what it looks like from start to finish in our latest video.