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Parkview care home chosen as part of summer programme for the National Citizen Service.

02Avante Care & Supports care home, Parkview in Bexleyheath, was recently chosen as part of a summer programme for the National Citizen Service (NCS) based in London, to participate in various topics through the summer, allowing young people in the area a chance to demonstrate their skills and motivation in interacting with people living with dementia.

Groups of young people are put together and learn how to interact with each other and work as a team. This project will take place over the summer on various days, culminating in a showcase in September.
03On Wednesday 1st July, the first group visited Parkview along with two mentors to work on the central garden at the home. The group quickly got to work and spent over 2 hours digging up weeds and watering the plants along with the help of a couple of residents Dawn and Eileen.

Activities Coordinator, Chris Seffens said, ‘They all worked very hard during the afternoon and did a fantastic job in the garden. Eileen and Dawn enjoyed working with the group too. I look forward to sharing and updating everyone on the activities that take place with the NCS groups over the coming months’.

013On Thursday the group returned in the afternoon and provided various activities and games for Parkviews residents to participate in including, playing cards, ball games and jigsaws. The group spent many hours playing games and chatting with the residents.