Making a small wish a reality

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Making a small wish a reality

Providing meaningful opportunities is an integral part of Avante Care & Supports Philosophy of Care. Our staff support residents to continue enjoying and developing their interests and hobbies. 

Pilgrims View care home in Snodland, recently took resident Yvonne swimming after learning she was a keen swimmer. One afternoon Yvonne spoke to Vicky about her love for swimming and her face illuminated at the thought of one of her favourite interests, said Vicky O’Neil, Activities Coordinator. From that moment on Vicky with the help from other carers were determined to take Yvonne swimming again. 

Vicky said, "I talked through plans with Yvonne to make sure she was happy and willing to go swimming again, which she was! The next stage was to purchase a swimming costume, but as we all know swim wear come in all shapes and sizes and it is very much personal choice when choosing a garment like this, it was paramount Yvonne was involved and was able to choose swim wear she was happy with. 

I work with a company called Oomph who help support our activities and provide day trips out for our residents including shopping trips, it just so happened there was a shopping trip booked so we went shopping with Yvonne to choose her swimwear. The following week myself and another carer set off for Larkfield swimming centre.


Yvonne said she felt a little nervous but more excited to be going swimming, We supported Yvonne into the pool and we waded in up to our waists, that’s when my heart melted and I was overwhelmed with emotion as Yvonne pushed herself out into the water and began to swim, she looked so happy, relaxed and comfortable. It was an amazing afternoon and one that Yvonne was very keen to repeat. On the way home Yvonne suggested other residents that might be keen to join her next time.    

We have now decided on Bi-monthly swimming trips and have encouraged relatives to bring swim wear to the home for their loved ones and family members so we can hopefully extend the swimming trips out to more residents". 

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