Learning and Development at Avante Care & Support

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Learning and Development at Avante Care & Support

Following the Cavendish report and the subsequent legislation changes, the health and social care sector needed to re-focus it’s approach to the training of it’s workforce.

In 2014/15 Avante Care & Support transformed the induction of all new care home staff so that all attend a pre – employment, induction programme, which introduces the standards set out in the Care Certificate.

Along with the 22 induction programmes, Avante Care & Support has delivered 887 courses that have provided 5856 training places.  Building on last year’s leadership training, managers have had access to supervision training and a specialist development day, focusing on Human Resource management, led by our legal advisors. Sector specific Health & Safety skills have been enhanced with the completion of accredited level 3 certificates.

To support staff in their career development, Avante Care & Support have continued to work with external providers to offer accredited qualifications and, this year, 238 members of staff have achieved diplomas and certificates at level 2 or higher.