Intermediate Care Pilot Service Announced for New Care Home

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A brand new care home Puddingstone Grange in Plumstead, Greenwich, which opened at the end of November, has announced that it will be operating an intermediate care service as a pilot scheme.

This service is designed to enable older people coming out of hospital a short stay at Puddingstone Grange for rehabilitation of between two to four weeks, to ensure they have recovered enough to look after themselves, before they go home.

The intermediate care pilot that started last week is based on an 18 month pilot scheme, under Social Care and to assist the NHS with the additional beds that are required each winter.

Avante Care and Support will supply 14 beds at Puddingstone Grange for those discharged from hospital after a period of hospital care, but still requiring an extended stay for rehabilitation to gain more confidence and continue their rehabilitation.  This normally takes place at the neighbourhood rehabilitation centres in the Greenwich area which will then free their beds to allow admissions from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Greenwich, when the need arises.

Patients require no nursing care at this stage of the pilot and the average stay in a separate suite of the home will be between two to four weeks, offering an important part of aftercare and rehabilitation therapy.  On hand will be a team of therapists such as an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Rehab Assistant and Care Co-coordinator employed by the CCG, who will work closely with the Avante Care and Support care team and patients to enable them to return home and be fully independent again as they were before their admission to hospital.

Richard Macintyre, Head of Care & Welfare, Governance & Quality Standards, Avante Partnership said;

“This is a new opportunity for us to provide much needed care to enable older people in the borough to stay longer in their own homes, whilst working in partnership with the newly formed CCG, Integrated Care Team at QEH.  This is all about supporting the older people and allowing them to be where we all want to be, at home, but without making the sometimes daunting move from hospital to home right away, enabling us to offer something in between to ensure people are really ready to be independent once more.

Something at Avante we truly believe in, is everything we do, we do to serve the local community.”

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Puddingstone Grange is part of Avante Care and Supports care homes.  At the heart of their work is their Philosophy of Care, where they encourage social interaction, engagement and the eradication of boredom.  They help develop interests and hobbies within their care homes and provide as many opportunities to meet and make new friends.  This is what sets them apart from other care services and is their primary goal.  At Avante, life begins again.