Inform Newsletter – June 2015

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Changing and Developing

An overview of where we are

Our national trade association for not for profit care providers has published a useful report titled ‘Survive or Thrive? – Securing financial sustainability in social care – the provider perspective’ which can be seen at

The publication of this report is well timed post-election and provides a constructive summary from the provider perspective on the fragile state of the care market pending the arrival of the new care act in April 2016… read more.

More Stories to Hear and Tell

The ‘Creative Communications’ project continues at Amherst Court care home, with Visual and Dance Artists Wendy Daws and Luci Napleton… read more.

Farewell Steve

On Wednesday 3rd June Avante Care & Support said farewell to Surveyor, Steve Wheeler who has retired after 14 years of service. Steve joined Avante Care & Support in September 2001 as a Building Surveyor and has been involved in the construction of four new care homes for the organisation; Northbourne Court, Amherst Court, Riverdale Court and Puddingstone Grange…read more.

Home Care Training

We hold monthly induction training for our newly recruited community carers.  Our four new June carers at Bexley and two in Kent have just completed this training. Some of them are new to the care sector whilst others have come with past experience. They have learnt about Sparkle, our Values and our Philosophy of Care, as well as acquiring knowledge and skills for the role of the Community carer. We are looking forward to supporting and working with them as they begin their new role as Avante Home Carers… read more.


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