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Happy Memories

"There are pockets of people who say they love their job and the interest and pleasure it brings, I’m fortunate enough to be one of those people! Yes, my work comes with its challenges but on the whole I love my job and the work I do. I am a Home Carer for Avante Care & Support and for the last three months I have had the pleasure of taking one of my clients and her husband out on day trips every week.

We often go to Sheerness seafront, a place where Wendy and her husband would often visit after a long day at work, a place where they would walk together along the seafront and just talk.

Wendy now has dementia and since her diagnosis she finds it more difficult to interact with loved ones and friends.

Wendy’s husband and I felt that if we could include day trips out to places of interest it may help to spark old memories for Wendy and encourage meaningful interactions.

We have visited Sheerness seafront on a number of occasions now and each visit has been a success. On our third visit we noticed a significant change in Wendy with her husband. I had popped back to the car to get a jacket and when I returned, Wendy and her husband were sitting down, both looking out to sea, smiling and holding hands. Her husband let go of her hand to pass Wendy her tea and she instantly reached out for his hand, wanting to hold it for a little while longer.

When we left, Wendy and her husband were full of smiles, a real sparkle in their eyes, and its days like these that make my job worthwhile and why I love my job!"

Sue, Home Care worker, Avante Home Care & Support

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