Dancing on ice for Amherst Court!

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Dancing on ice for Amherst Court!

‘You’ve never ice skated before? We can’t have that!

This comment was made by Ashley Haydon, Home Manager at Amherst Court, to Doris one morning. Doris who recently turned 90 had been chatting with Ashley about the cold weather and how the bird bath in the grounds of the home resembled an ice rink for birds. This led to a conversation on ice skating and how the birds would end up skating around rather than drinking from the water bath! Doris promptly told Ashley, ‘I’ve never ice skated Ashley, have you?’ Ashley was surprised but quickly followed up with, ‘would you like to Doris?’

And so, Ashley made this happen for Doris, and also for Kevin, another resident from the home who asked to be included in the visit to the ice rink in Gillingham. The ice rink was quiet when they visited allowing Ashley, Doris, Kevin and Hannah more room to spin, speed and dance across the ice.


The staff at Amherst Court are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of the people they care for and support and are constantly seeking new ideas and opportunities for the residents at the home to take part in and enjoy. Ashley and his team believe that age and living with dementia should not be a barrier in life and living in a care home should mean residents are supported to continue do the things they wish to do or, in Doris’s case, things they’ve never tried before!

Doris hasn’t stopped talking about her visit to the ice rink and has asked if she can go again soon!  Kevin had a great time too!

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