Court Regis maintains its place on the Eden UK Register

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Court Regis care home maintains its place on the Eden UK Register of Homes

Court Regis care home in Milton Regis, Sittingbourne, was reaccredited as an Eden alternative home on Wednesday 10th January 2018. Many of the staff, including the Home Manager, Emma Hodges and her Assistant Manager, Tracey Creasey, are certified Eden Associates. 

The Eden Alternative is based on the core belief that ageing should be a continued stage of development and growth, rather than a period of decline.

Studies show that implementation of The Eden Alternative is a powerful tool for improving quality of life and quality of care for those living in care homes. Also, homes that have adopted Eden as an organisational-wide philosophy have found that there is improved staff satisfaction and retention and significant decreases in use of medication. 

The Eden assessors said the Eden Philosophy had been promoted through the changes and new innovations introduced by the great leadership of the Home Manager and her team of Eden Associates. 

Residents and staff at the home have formed good relationships with pupils from the Oasis Academy and the junior school next door to the home and are often seen visiting the home to take part in activities with residents. Another popular initiative introduced by the home is a Yoga teacher who visits and holds regular sessions for residents.

There is a Facebook page which is valued by relatives as it keeps them up to date with the daily activities of their relatives.  

The Eden assessors stated the interaction between staff and residents in the Willow day care centre, was full of fun.  The day care centre is the only centre in the area for people living with dementia that is open seven days a week.

The Eden report states ‘Residents are definitely at the centre of care and are given the opportunity to be part of daily decision-making both in respect of personal choice and communal activities’.

For more information on Court Regis care home or to arrange a viewing please call Emma, Home Manager on 01795 423485.

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