Christmas Cake Competition at Amherst Court

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Christmas Cake Competition at Amherst Court

Residents at Amherst Court have been making decorating their own Christmas cakes and chocolate Logs to take part in the Christmas Cake Competition!

Last Tuesday we prepared for the competition between the two floors by heading out and choosing the decorations to go with the cakes we were baking. Resident Carol was helping us to choose a colour scheme for the cake she would be helping to decorate.

Baking and Decorating the Christmas cakes was a lot of fun for the residents, as residents and staff from both floors got to work! Dave said “I can’t remember the last time I did this but it smells nice”. It could have been the brandy though but we all agreed, they did smell lovely!! Once the cakes were baked, we added a little more brandy a few days later to increase the flavour (yummy)!

Resident Dot was very good with rolling out the marzipan and when it didn’t quite fit on one cake she insisted we fill in the gaps and said it didn’t need to be perfect as the icing will cover it. Dot knows her stuff. The chocolate logs turned out amazing and the chocolate cream icing got everywhere, and it tasted nice too!

The following day we held the competition to find out the best cakes. Care Manager Julie Ayres was the judge for the competition. Julie said that she found it difficult to choose as so much hard work had gone into making all of the cakes. After some deliberation, Julie announced the winner of the best decorated Christmas cake was Valiant & Apollo. Trafalgar & Charlotte won the best decorated chocolate log.

– Patricia Allen, Activities co-ordinator

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