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Have you ever thought about caring as a career?

Bev Farren is a carer for Home Care and Support and has been for nearly three years. She previously worked as a Teaching Assistant for 10 years with children with mental health issues, and before that Bev worked at the Royal Mail for 13 years.

‘I have three children, now all grown up, but I’ve always chosen work that fits around my family so that I am able to balance being a mum as well as being able to work,’ said Bev.

Bev had often seen carers in and around Bexley wearing Avante Care & Support uniforms. Then, she noticed an advert in the local paper advertising an Open Day with Avante Care & Support and decided to pop along and see what job opportunities there were.

Bev joined the Home Care and Support team in April 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. Work colleagues have regularly commented on Bev’s attributes and ability to think outside the box, going above and beyond for people.

As a Home Carer, attributes like these can help enrich people’s lives.

For Bev it is just second nature and all part of her job.

Bev says, ‘I enjoy being a carer, and always have done since joining Avante Care & Support. I care for both the service user and support the family when it’s needed. One of my service users, Ivy, is cared for by her friend Ethel, and we provide support to her so she is able to continue caring for Ivy. The support includes housework and gardening which allows Ethel the time to care and spend time with Ivy. Another client for whom I care has his wife as his main carer, but she finds it hard to keep on top of everything. We are caring for her husband but no one is caring for her. This is so often the case for care givers who care for loved ones, so we try and support everyone, if they need it. It’s about washing up the odd few dishes, puffing up the cushions and picking up the post from the floor. It takes seconds but I know these little things can go a long way. 

Since working as a carer I’ve seen how important it is to get to know the people you care for and support. You don’t just assume that because you like your toast cut into triangles that other people do too, and while you may like your tea strong it doesn’t mean everyone else does. One of my service users liked their food and drink prepared a certain way and had been very upset with previous carers from another care company who never listened to his simple requests. And they really were simple!’ 

When asked what Bev liked about her job she commented, ‘It’s a varied job. No day is the same and it’s rewarding knowing you are brightening someone’s day during the time you are with them. You need to be respectful as a home carer. You are entering someone’s home on a regular basis; they are letting you into their family life and trusting you. It’s so important this is respected.’

Bev used to care for a gentleman called Kelvin, she spent time researching Kelvin’s interests. He was from South London and loved talking about his beloved Millwall FC and his favourite foods like Pie ‘n’ Mash and curry. Bev wasn’t particularly interested in football but would take the time to find out the football results from the weekend so she could chat with Kelvin on her Monday morning visit. Kelvin passed away this year and Bev, a keen poet, decided to put pen to paper to write a poem about Kelvin.

Kelvin’s family were very grateful to Bev for the poem and said it was so accurate,the family have since had the poem framed in memory of Kelvin.


If you would like to know more about Avante Home Care and Support and the care packages they provide please call our friendly team at either the Bexley branch on 01322 318110 or the Kent branch on 01795 597454.

Alternatively, have you ever thought about caring as a career? If you would like to know more about working as a Home Carer for Avante Care & Support please contact the recruitment team on 0800 9778705.

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