Adding some Oomph!

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Avante Care & Support adds some Oomph! to their exercise classes

33Avante Care & Support has recently invited Oomph! (Our Organisation Makes People Happy!) to train and support staff across Avante Care & Support’s care homes.  The training is built around inclusive exercise and activity classes designed specifically to improve the physical mobility, social interaction and mental stimulation of residents, particularly those with dementia.

Oomph! classes are innovative and unique – built on years of training, testing and best practice. Classes are based on proprietary expert methodology and techniques and backed and endorsed by leading exercise bodies and professionals. The Oomph team aim to put fun and reminiscence at the heart of physical activity, using popular upbeat music, colourful sensory props and powerful themed choreography.

44Staff from Puddingstone Grange care home, Greenwich, were the first to take part in the two day training programme. The programme taught staff the knowledge to follow exercise routines, to write their own routines and to demonstrate  for others to follow, using creative approaches, positive communication and, of course, safety first.

Since the programme started fifty-three people have attended an Oomph! session at Puddingstone Grange- this includes, residents, family members, staff members and residents from different care homes!

22Jo Thompson, Activities Coordinator at Puddingstone Grange, was one of the staff members who took part in the Oomph! programme said –

 ‘At first we were all a bit nervous as to what we might have to do but once we got into the swing of it we all really enjoyed ourselves. It’s a simple programme but certainly effective when you look at the response from our residents. We were shown how important it is to use imagery within our routines by describing an action like ironing or dusting, this really worked for our residents as it was something they could relate to’.