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With our Head office based in Faversham, Kent and services located around Kent, Greenwich and Bexley, we employ over 1400 people to care for and support the lives of residents and service users. In return, we offer excellent training and development, competitive pay, benefits, flexible hours and a great place to work.

Avante Care & Support has built a strong long-lasting reputation for providing high quality care and support within its care homes and home care & support services.

This successful reputation is down to the exceptional staff who work at Avante Care & Support. Our staff go the extra mile to build positive relationships with residents and service users and ensure their lives are lived to the full.

As a growing organisation we are always on the look-out for caring and committed people who could make a difference to the lives of the people we care for and support, as well as have an immensely rewarding job.

Why should you join us?

We place a high value on our staff and we support them to develop a range of skills which is why we have many loyal staff who joined the team in a junior role and through consistent hard work have progressed to more senior roles, in the organisation.

If you are considering returning to work after a long break, perhaps caring for family members, why not talk to us. We would welcome your application and provide full training to help you develop the rights skills. We encourage applications from men and ethnic minorities, who are currently under-represented in Avante Care & Support.


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Everything we do is about putting people first and creating an environment where older people thrive.
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Providing assistance with daily living, enabling individuals to maintain independent and active lives.
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ASB is our internal staff bank for Avante Care & Support, recruiting a wide range of skilled employees.
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What our staff say about us

There are many career opportunities at Avante Care & Support which you can build upon and be supported to do. Here are some examples of how our staff have worked hard to get where they are now.

Assistant Accountant, De Gelsey House

I was one of those people who grew up never knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be when I was older. I had a couple of jobs working in the restaurant/bar industry where I always worked hard but felt like I needed to progress somewhere quicker than the opportunities were presenting themselves

So what felt to be my first proper career, began after my successful application to become the part-time administrator of Stepahead Support, the youth support service within Avante Care & Support which provided help and support to young people and their families.

I will never forget my first day. It was in January 2010 and we had, had one of the biggest snow falls in years. A meeting had been scheduled at one of our support centres in Folkestone. I had never driven to Folkestone before, and that added with the constant snow fall was just another obstacle on an already nervy day. Just to make sure no wrong turns or satnav issues were going to make me late and set a bad first impression, I left really early. I think I arrived an hour early and sat in my car freezing. As soon as I walked in, all the staff welcomed me and the director made me a cup of tea. I was instantly made to feel like one of the team and could tell that my ideas and opinions were appreciated and respected. The job was made permanent just a few months later.

I had the same feeling as when I took up an internally advertised position to become a Finance Assistant. This would start off as maternity cover but helped give me a full-time position within Avante Care & Support. I had already learned so many skills working in the administration role, which I felt could be further developed by this move.

My role as a Finance Assistant became more established as my full-time permanent job was confirmed and I undertook accounting qualifications which were funded and supported by Avante Care & Support. Ensuring payments were made correctly and on time and having a greater input into the accounts of the business, I at last knew the path I wanted my career to take. As I gained valuable experience in my position, completing my AAT qualifications and helping to make significant savings through various supplier contracts, my job title has changed from ‘Trainee Accountant’ to ‘Assistant Accountant’.