Our Philosophy of Care

Avante Care & Support has developed its philosophy of care in conjunction with the Eden Alternative, a nationally recognised Person Centred training tool.

This philosophy underpins Avante’s commitment to a care experience that is positive, one which values the individual for what they are or wish to be and helps them to maintain the aspects of life that are important to them.

Overcoming loneliness, helplessness and boredom is the core philosophy; Avante recognises that warmth and companionship is essential for wellbeing, which is why Relationship/Person Centred Care is at the heart of Avante’s care delivery. Avante believes old age should not be a barrier to growth, learning, enablement and inclusiveness. These values, along with choice and decision making, are fundamental to a meaningful life.

The greatest challenges faced by people we care for and support are loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

Overcoming the challenges of loneliness, helplessness and boredom is the responsibility of us all.
We believe in the principles of an ordinary life. This should include regular contact with nature, animals and others in the community. It is these relationships that enhance our lives.

Being part of the community is all about giving as well as receiving care and support. This is the antidote to helplessness.
The warmth and companionship of people and animals is the antidote to loneliness..

Variety, spontaneity, unexpected and unpredictable interactions and happenings create an environment that is the antidote to boredom.
Meaningless activity corrodes the human spirit. The opportunity to do things that we find meaningful is essential to human health.

Medication should be the servant of genuine human care and support never its master.

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