Eden Alternative

Avante Care & Support Create Homes Where Life is Worth Living by Adopting The Eden Alternative.

The Eden Alternative was founded in 1991 by Dr William Thomas, a Harvard educated physician and board certified geriatrician.  The Eden Alternative has trained over 25,000 Eden Associates and now claims over 200 Registry Members in the US, Europe and South Africa.  The care partners and leaders continue to work towards meaningful culture change through ongoing education and dedication to creating a life worth living for those in their care.

The Eden Alternative shows how companionship and the opportunity to give meaningful care can enhance the life of those we care for and carers alike.  The variety and spontaneity that mark an enlivened environment can succeed where pills and therapies often fail.  Care homes that have adopted the Eden Alternative typically have a lively, friendly environment, with plenty of interaction between those living in, working in, and visiting the home.

The Eden Alternative is about challenging the culture in care organisations; to eliminate the departmentalised, task-orientation of the current institutional model and replacing it with a home where decision making is closer to those we care for, helping to support a meaningful life for them.

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