Willows Day Care Centre

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Twiddle blankets for active hands at the Willows Day Care Centre.

Family members from the Willows Day Care Centre have been busy making twiddle blankets for the clients that use the centre.

The blankets are knitted with different types of wool and material and accessorised with zips, buttons, bells and ribbons for the Willows clients to twiddle and hold, most of whom are living with dementia.

Jeannette Spooner, Day Care Officer said ‘The twiddle blankets are brilliant, and our clients love them. The blanket provides a simple stimulation activity for active hands or restless hands, particularly for people living with dementia. The blankets are great for twiddling but also our clients are using them as hand muffs to warm their hands when they come in from the cold’.

The Willows day care centre would like to say a big thank you to all the family members who have made a twiddle blanket for the clients at the day care centre they are proving to be extremely popular.