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Stepahead Supports Family Mediation Service supporting Kent’s early intervention services across the county.

Most families go through difficult times and this can have a negative impact on the relationships within the family and their overall happiness. These difficulties may be as a result of financial hardship, personal loss or trauma, mental health issues, substance misuse or a disagreements regarding behaviours and attitudes.

Stepahead Support provides a Family Mediation Service to support families who may be going through difficulties within their family.

Since the mediation service started in April 2013, Stepahead has supported 979 families.

It goes without saying that the Family Mediation service is a confidential service but at times Stepahead Support have families who would like to show their thanks for the help and support they have received from using the Mediation Service.

The following testimonial was written by a family who have asked for their story to be shared.

‘Our family has recently had mediation with Stepahead Support and we would like to share our experience- Before our family mediation sessions began, our family was on the verge of breaking up, as communication had broken down between my husband and I and this was having an effect on our children’s behaviour and all relationships within our family household.

After seeking help, Stella visited and spent time with us individually to assess what our fundamental issues were and how we wanted our relationship to change for the better. We all had open and frank conversations which seemed to get to the root of our problems. We were seen over 6 sessions and each week our relationship progressed and improved as we worked on the solutions suggested by Stella.

Our home life has improved considerably, our relationships have blossomed and our marriage has been strengthened by learning to communicate better. One of the greatest things mediation has brought to our family is self-reflection and the realisation that how we behave has an impact on other family members.

We now have some secure building blocks in place and are going from strength to strength with forming good friendships as well as a husband and wife partnership. We are very grateful and fortunate to have been clients of Stepahead Support and our family has been saved from breaking apart’.


If you would like more information on Stepahead Supports Family Mediation Service or any other services provided by Stepahead Support please call 01795 597432.