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‘I have learnt that care home residents don’t just spend their time in front of the TV drinking tea and eating biscuits – well the residents at Amherst Court certainly don’t anyway!’

Since I was a child I had always had so much respect and time for the older generation. I was just fascinated with their stories and all the things they had been through while they were growing up. When I left school I had various jobs but all I really wanted to do was care for the people that I thought deserved my time and love. So when I applied for a job with Avante I was really excited that I was one step closer to being able to work with the people I had so much time for.

When I was accepted as a Care Services Assistant I was over the moon, but at the same time I was nervous as I had never worked with elderly people before let alone elderly people living with dementia. I had so many different thoughts going through my head. Would they like me? How do you behave around them? What sort of things am I going to have to do and being honest the thing that scared me the most was the personal care? Would I be able to give these people the care that they needed?

On my first day at work I was so nervous, but when I arrived there was really no need for my nerves. The staff at Amherst Court were lovely and showed me everything that I needed to know. My first few shifts I shadowed other staff members which was so helpful for me but I knew I had a lot to learn. The hardest thing I found was learning everyone’s name. Then there was learning all of the social history and the likes and dislikes and hobbies for every resident. I have been on training courses whilst being with Avante Care and Support which have helped me progress in my job role and have a better understanding of the people I care for.

I have learnt that care home residents don’t just spend their time in front of the TV drinking tea and eating biscuits- well the residents at Amherst Court certainly don’t anyway! They go out and do things like any other person would. Since my time with Avante Care and Support I have been to a community centre and made Christmas cards and have been to B&Q to make wooden bird boxes.  There is a lot of singing and dancing and I have realised I can’t do either of them but it makes the residents happy and that’s all that matters.

To me this isn’t just a job it’s about being a friend to these people. Sometimes they just need a cuddle and somebody to talk to. At first I thought I would just go to work, get people dressed, make a few cups of tea and that would be it. But this job involves so much more than that. I care for the residents at Amherst Court as if they are my Nan or granddad. It’s hard to describe unless you have ever done this job yourself. You go through so many different emotions in just one day and you learn different emotions that you thought you would never experience. I have had my up moment and my down moments but this has just made me want to do my job even better.

I am now someone the residents at Amherst can rely on and look after them. I have been at Amherst Court for over a year now and have had one of the best years I could have asked for. I don’t think I could have done my job without the support of the staff team that I work with, but also from the support I have had from my family.

Written by a Care Service Assistant at Amherst Court

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