Incredible Me

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Incredible Me is a pilot programme delivered over 10 sessions which has been specifically developed by Young Healthy Minds in collaboration with the NHS and the Incredible Years parenting team for children aged 4-11 with a pre and post-diagnosis of ASD and/or ADHD, as well as those children who are unable to manage their behaviour generally in a safe way.  These children can have particular difficulty in understanding and controlling their emotions, especially when those emotions are negative.  This practical programme provides some simple strategies to:-

  • Help them to decrease negative feelings and increase positive feelings in their daily life.
  • Help them to identify situations that make them anxious and learn how to perceive the situation differently, thus reducing their level of anger.
  • Support them to recognise connections between thinking and feeling so that they are able identify the physiological effects of different emotions on their body.
  • Focus on their positive attributes and the things that make them happy.

As the children’s ability to regulate their emotions increases so will their self-esteem be raised, which will contribute to their overall feeling of emotional well-being.

In order to run the sessions effectively there are a number of resources that we need. If any of them are unwanted items that you have we’d be very grateful if you could donate them to the Incredible Me programme.

They include:

  • Toys/ objects that have interesting textures/ sounds/colours
  • Plastic/toy tools e.g. wrench, screwdrivers, wooden spoon, paintbrush
  • Pictures of animals, flowers, TV characters, sports, facial expressions
  • Skipping ropes, soft balls
  • CDs of calming music
  • Hats, scarves and  bags for role play

If you would like to donate any of these items please leave them on my desk  (1st floor Head Office)

Many thanks in anticipation.