Having a ‘Hoot’ at Parkview

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Having a ‘Hoot’ at Parkview

Gwen and other residents had a ‘Hoot’ at Parkview care home on Monday 15th February.

Gwen has a keen interest in owls and often talks to staff and residents about her interest and collection of owl pictures in her bedroom.

As a little surprise for Gwen and to help celebrate her birthday staff arranged for a company called Jamb Owls to visit Parkview and bring in their collection of owls.

Gwen was born in Erith and married her husband George in 1940 in West Street, George and Gwen where married for 60 years and received a telegram from the Queen.

Before having her two children, Gwen worked in a Jam factory in Abbey Wood then worked part time in a Hairdressers in Erith.

As well as Gwen’s passion for owls she enjoys dancing, knitting and listening to Tom Jones music.

Matt and Barbara from Jambs owls showed off their collection of owls to Gwen and other residents allowing them to touch, stroke and hold the beautiful birds.

“Gwen and many other residents were amazed with how close they could get with the owls, it was lovely to watch their faces. The owls were so calming and even some of the residents who weren’t so keen at the start to be near the owls were soon seen holding and stroking them by the end of the day!”Joanne Thompson, Activities Coordinator
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