A Day in the Life of a Carer

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A Day in the Life of a Carer

Alt TextJeannette Spooner and Maria Stevens work at The Willow Day Care Centre, located on the grounds of Court Regis Care Home just outside Sittingbourne.

The day centre provides a bright, safe and relaxing atmosphere for people living with dementia, actively promoting and encouraging engagement with daily activities and entertainment.

Daily alarm set for?         


Tea or Coffee?    


What do you look forward to the most while at work?    

We look forward to hearing what our service users have been doing. They live at home and come to us for the day, and have plenty of tales to tell about themselves. These conversations turn into lovely reminiscing sessions, and sometimes our service users bring in their life story books and photos. It’s lovely to see faces light up when they arrive, and they greet one another like old friends – Most of our service users like coming to their ‘club’ where they make new friends.

Highlight of the week?

We look forward to joining in with the residential home when they have events going on, and putting on events that they can join in with us. We have dogs that come visiting, and sometimes grandchildren come in – with everyone enjoying these visits. We asked everyone what their highlight of the week is, and 90% of our folk said every day is a highlight –How sweet!

Memorable moments?

We asked our service users what their most memorable moments are about being at the day centre. Answers included the following……Christmas, celebrating events such as the diamond jubilee or any Royal weddings.

Typical day in the home?

When we arrive at work I open up the day centre and get ready for the day, then we inform the kitchen how many people we are expecting and make sure they know of any special dietary needs.

People start arriving at different times from 9am, and as they come in we help with their coats, and offer a drink and biscuits. While we wait for everyone to arrive, we chat about what they have been doing, and generally engage in conversation. We always have daily and local newspapers available, and we look at what is going on in the world – we try to avoid the nasty bits, and share articles that are comical or with a happy ending.

Throughout the day we have different activities going on ranging from snooker, darts, Wii, air hockey, armchair basketball through to reminiscing, music, quizzes, craft, table games or word games.

We work closely with social services, the home treatment team from Southlands, the local Admiral nurse and carer support, so I have many phone calls and emails during the day. We have district nurses visit when required, and doctors also come to see their patients at the day centre. Social workers come to do assessments and reviews as well.

From time to time we have students here on work experience placements. – Police, Nurses, Occupational Therapist,  Social Workers, Health care students and many others. We offer showers to those who can’t bathe/shower at home, and assist people with personal as the day progresses.

Tea, coffee and cold drinks are free-flowing throughout the day, and lunch is at 12.30. The lunches are cooked in the home kitchen, and brought to us in an insulated container where it is served from a heated trolley. We serve lunch, and assist those that need support, and I administer any medication as prescribed. After lunch we clear up and during the afternoon we have different activities, until we reach 3pm when our service users begin to leave with family or friends. We close at 4pm, and update care plans, tidy up and mop floors ready for the next day.

To find out more about The Willow Day Care Centre please call us on 01795 428364 or email enquiry@avantecare.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.